Investing in People. Igniting our Towns. Restoring People to God. 

(2 Corinthians 5:14-21)


Core Values

  • We genuinely welcome everyone with love and acceptance, understanding that we all have made mistakes in the past and desperately need God's grace in our lives.

    It can't be overstated how the Hilltop church desires to be a warm, friendly, family that welcomes all people from all walks of life to experience authentic Christian community. We invite those who are brokenhearted and joy-filled, the rich and the poor, the divorced and married, the discouraged and those filled with peace, families and singles to come and share in our journey towards Christ-likeness.  People of all ages are welcomed and valued regardless of where they have been or where they are in their life journey.
  • We reach out to the spiritually unresolved with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  
    Hilltop is a church that reaches out to those in our neighborhoods, in the cities that surround us, across our nation, and the world, with the Good News of Christ.  We will continually be aware of the relationships that God gives us and we will share the love of Christ with our lives as we share him with our words.  While welcoming all whom the Lord will send, our primary focus is reaching those who are newly exploring the Christian faith.  We will reach out most effectively through the local Hilltop church and through planting new churches.
  • Home Groups and meeting together in homes is vitally important for connecting with God and with one another.

    We believe that meeting together in small groups is key to experience belonging, connectedness and the love of the Christian family.  The care-giving, interpersonal needs of the Hilltop Family are most effectively addressed in the context of our small groups.  Loving relationships will happen at a deeper level by meeting together in groups where we can experience transparency and authentic Christian friendship.
  • We desire that every member grows spiritually and becomes more and more like Jesus.

    Spiritual formation is encouraged for all members regardless of their age or level of Christian maturity. While we encourage spiritual growth for all ages, we will make sure we nurture and care for the next generation.  All who come are to be increasing in the Fruit of the Spirit and taking on the character of Jesus.  Hilltop is committed to the discipleship of each individual; through practicing spiritual disciplines and building relationships with one another.  We practice, teach, and provide places and opportunities for prolific prayer.  We believe the Bible is the living, inspired, Word of God which provides the basis for our spiritual growth and is authoritative for our lives today.
  • Coming together for Sunday morning worship to celebrate our love for God is paramount to our Christian community.

    In our worship we will praise God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Our worship will hold firmly to the timeless truths of the Gospel while connecting the Gospel with our culture.  We love our heritage and will navigate ways to connect and be relevant with the culture and community we live in.  Our worship is Christ-centered, Spirit-filled, and Bible-based.