Hilltop Youth - Grades 6-12


Thank you so much for taking an interest in the Hilltop Youth.

Our children need your presence in their lives and our youth ministry needs parental involvement if we are going to be successful. If you are currently not on our e-mail list or are interested in volunteering with the youth please email Brendin and he will add you to the list. 

It is our hope that this youth ministry can partner with you as you walk with your child in their spiritual journey.

For more information contact our Youth Minister, Brendin Williamson 805-341-8220


1.  Register on Sign Up Genius.   You will need to sign up every person who is coming. 

2.  Self Check at home.  In the last 24 hours have you experienced:  Fever, Cough, or been exposed to someone who has been tested positive.  If you have please do not attend service at this time.

3.  Check in with Brendin when you arrive.  

4.  Masks are required - If you don't have a mask we will provide one for you.

5.  Practice Social Distancing - 6 feet apart.  Do not rearrange chairs.

6.  No hugging or shaking hands.  

7.  Use hand sanitizer as needed.

8.  Use Ramp side for restrooms.  Follow the arrows.

9.  When you leave check out with Brendin.

10.  No socializing at the building. Please go directly to your car or parking lot.

11.  Wear a hat and sunscreen as needed.

12.  Praise God that we can meet together.