Welcome to Hilltop!

Expect to be welcomed by a loving group of people and to feel the power of God’s presence and calling.

We strive to be a welcoming church that embraces people in all walks of life: single, married, divorced, young adult, teens, parents, single-parent, addicts, alcoholics, straight, same-sex attracted, people who have their act together, people who don't have their act together, people who have known Christ all their life, and people who are hearing about Christ for the first time. We welcome you and look forward to meeting you. We have long said, we accept people where they are, while together we are helping each other accept where God wants us to be.

Every Sunday we like to say to the church, "You are not here by accident." Whether you are a dedicated member or a first-time guest, we believe God has led each of us here. We are praying that God will lead you to join us too!